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If you require prescription glasses, it can also be a worthwhile investment to get a pair of prescription sunglasses. The convenience of prescription sunglasses means you won’t have to use clip-on glasses or go without your proper prescription when going outdoors. Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses or contacts, the right sunglasses can provide your eyes protection from harmful UV rays. At Michigan Eye and Contact Lens in Novi, Michigan, Dr. Alexandra Williamson offers an extensive selection of prescription sunglass frames and lenses to ensure your eye health. Michigan Eye and Contact Lens services patients in Walled Lake, West Bloomfield, Commerce, Milford, South Lyon, Northville, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Plymouth, Birmingham, Livonia, Brighton, Bingham Farms, Bloomfield Township, White Lake, and Highland, MI.

Sunglasses Q & A

What are prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses work like your regular eyeglasses. They contain prescription-strength lenses that meet your vision needs and improve your eyesight. The darkened lenses are suitable for preventing UV light from the sun from reaching your eyes and causing damage.

Whether you don’t currently wear glasses or prefer to use contacts instead of glasses, UV protective sunglasses are a vital part of proper eye care.

Why is UV light harmful?

Ultraviolet light can cause long-term damage to your eyes. These light rays can damage a part of your retina responsible for your central vision. UV rays can also cause damage to the cornea and lens. This damage isn’t reversible and can lead to blindness.

Common eye conditions UV rays can cause include:

  • Cataracts
  • Corneal sunburn
  • Macular degenerations
  • Skin cancer

Another condition that UV light causes is known as pterygium, a condition where a growth affects the whites of your eyes that can lead to vision blockage.

It's essential to wear protective sunglasses anytime you are outdoors during the day, including cloudy days and during the winter months.

Why are sunglasses important?

Whether or not you require an eyewear prescription, wearing high-quality sunglasses is important. High-quality sunglasses keep the harmful rays of ultraviolet sunlight away from your eyes. UV rays can lead to macular degeneration and permanent eye damage.

Sunglasses also prevent you from squinting, which limits your vision, a particular concern when you’re driving. Squinting also puts unnecessary pressure on your eyes, which can cause long-term problems with your ocular health.

Using prescription sunglasses in place of non-prescription ones makes it easy for you to have the eye protection you need while driving or being outdoors. However, non-prescription sunglasses are also a viable option for all patients -- including people who wear contacts -- as long as they have built-in UV protection.

How are sunglasses prescribed?

During your regular vision exam, let Dr. Williamson know you’re interested in a pair of prescription sunglasses. She can ensure you get the correct prescription and offer guidance in selecting the right protective lenses.

At Michigan Eye and Contact Lens, an extensive selection of frame styles is available to give you functional, fashionable prescription sunglasses. And, in case you’re worried about cost, insurance coverage even extends to sunglasses frames!

To learn more about the benefits of prescription sunglasses, schedule an eye exam online or by calling the office.


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