Contact Lens Health Week 2017 Part 2

Happy Saturday to our Michigan Eye and Contact Lens community! As we are wrapping up Contact Lens Health Week, we would like to remind you we will be open September 11, 2017 and ready to handle any and all contact lens or eye care related issues you may have!

With the kids going back to school soon, be sure to include a fresh case and appropriate solution on their school supply lists. For disposable lens wearers, an extra pair of contacts and pair of glasses might not be a bad idea too. You never know when they might be needed and can’t be too prepared when it comes to vision!

If you or your child are a previous patient of Dr. Williamson’s and would like a reminder about which solution is best for you, please use our contact us form to get in touch.

Can’t wait to see you soon! Stay tuned for news about our Grand Opening event! It’s going to be a blast!

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