Not All Sunglasses Are The Same

Who doesn’t love the outdoors on a gorgeous sun-filled day? If you spend a great deal of time outside, you’re likely at a higher risk for eye and eyelid damage caused by UV rays. The good news is with the right eye protection, you can reduce your exposure to solar radiation so that it’s not an issue. 

Most people are aware that getting too much sun is bad for your skin, but what they usually don’t know the same principle applies to their eyes and that this can affect your vision. If your eyes are exposed to excessive amounts of UV radiation over a short period of time, you’re likely to experience a condition called photokeratitis, which in essence is an eye sunburn. Symptoms can include redness, a gritty sensation, extreme sensitivity to light, and excessive tearing. Photokeratitis is usually temporary and rarely causes permanent damage, though it hurts like crazy. 

Serious conditions, such as cataracts or retinal damage, are often caused by long-term exposure to UV radiation. And, damage that happens earlier in life has a snowball effect of worsening, so it is important for eyes of children and young adults to be protected from UV rays as much as possible.

To protect your eyes, you need sunglasses, and not just any pair will do. The American Optometric Association recommends finding sunglasses that:

One of our goals at Michigan Eye and Contact Lens is to provide excellent eyewear solutions for our patients both young and old. We strive to provide eyewear options for each individual that meets both their need and desires, and this is no less true for our sunwear collection. Stop by and see us to check out our sunglasses today.

Additionally, try wearing a wide-brimmed hat as well as wraparound shades for optimal protection from the sun. You’ll be doing your eyes a favor for years to come!

Dr. Alex Williamson of Michigan Eye and Contact Lens provides optometry and eyewear solutions for all patients. Call us or request an appointment online today to visit our office!

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