We Are Officially Open!

We are officially up and running! Can you believe it?
Angela will be posting soon to show you our journey from just an idea to where we are today! She will also be writing a post each week featuring the unique eyewear offerings and services we provide. I’m excited about this because we have some really special things to share with you. Of course we hope you can make it to our Grand Opening Party from 4-6 PM Oct. 16 so you can check us out yourself! I will let her elaborate on all that, but for now, let’s talk sun protection in kids.

You might ask: Why Dr. W, isn’t summer over?
True, summer is winding down and we’re heading into another beautiful Michigan fall. Although it gets cooler in fall, we still need to think about sun protection year round. In fact, overcast days can expose us just as much, or even more than clear days as the sun’s light rays are scattered among the clouds.

Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are always a great idea for kids. We offer a line of shades specifically for school-aged kids which I love, called Aces. We also offer their sister line, Babiators, for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The makers of Babiators and Aces seem to really get it, offering a no-questions-asked loss or breakage warranty on these great looking, virtually indestructible UV blocking frames. How cool is that? I’m already using mine, since my son lost his and had to borrow his sister’s Aces at the Commerce Fire Dept Open House this weekend.

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